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Welcome to the Alliance for the Great Lakes Action Center. Your voice, when combined with thousands of advocates around the lakes, can make a difference!


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Tell Congress: Support Long-Term Great Lakes Restoration Funding
Despite a record of success, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative comes up for renewal each year in Congress and is subject to budgetary whims. Tell Congress to support a five-year funding commitment to bolster this critical Great Lakes program.
Tell Army Corps to Act Quickly to Block Asian Carp
Short-term measures exist to keep advancing Asian carp out of Lake Michigan, but the U.S. Army Corps says it needs at least three years to study them. Tell the corps a three-year delay could be disastrous for the lakes.
Tell Congress: Support Immediate Steps to Keep Asian Carp Out of the Lakes
Asian carp are knocking on the door of the Great Lakes. Recent sampling detected carp DNA within a city block of Lake Michigan in Chicago. Tell Congress to force progress on immediate and long-term steps that safeguard our lakes from invasive species.
Tell your Senator: Protect the Great Lakes from Invasive Species
The U.S. Senate is considering legislation that would weaken rules to stop invasive species from entering the Great Lakes via ships' ballast water discharge. Tell your senator to protect the Great Lakes by opposing this legislation!